"We approached five dogs digital with a generic request to 'improve our marketing'. five dogs challenged our thinking by asking tough questions to learn about our business, the community and industry we operate in. The support helped us to understand our capabilities/resources; five dogs is creating a system we can operate in based on these capabilities to create conversations with our local community, driving new membership and engaging our current customers and partners to increase the value they receive from Rebound Health."

Rebound Health,


Northern Beaches, Sydney

Business Planning

listen, learn and act

Customer & Marketing Strategy

creating smart conversations

Its not uncommon that we hear from entrepreneurs that their business would improve if they did some more or better marketing.  

Knowing what to do next and where to create the right conversation is often where people become unstuck.

five dogs digital works with clients to create a realistic pathway to growth and stability. Understanding key relationships with customers, suppliers and stakeholders are the first steps to defining drivers of potential growth

Any strategy is only as good as the ability to execute

Digital enablement

simplifying platforms

Our modern world is an increasingly connected environment.


Having up to date, fresh and engaging content can seem daunting to manage even on your own website let alone the increasing number of social media platforms.

Managing frequent content updates through a web agency can be beyond many business budgets. Conversely, navigating and setting up through self serve platforms is both a time and skills gaps for many entrepreneurs. 

five dogs digital can recommend a budget friendly approach, provide set up support and functional training to create a manageable digital plan for your business

Many people start their business to solve a unique problem or pursue a passion. Finding and maintaining a customer base can seem overwhelming at times, where should I advertise, how much should I charge, I have to do 'more and better marketing'.  Sound Familiar?

At five dogs digital, we understand that while you may be an expert butcher, baker or candlestick maker it is tough to navigate the sea of decisions to mange and grow a business.

We listen - understanding the drivers and dependencies in your business to create a manageable plan for your next phase of growth

five dogs digital

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